Stress management is important for physical and psychological well-being.  Chronic stress, ill-managed, can lead to burnout.  There are three stages of burnout.  The first stage of burnout is physical fatigue, when you have body aches and feel tired most of the time.  The second stage of burnout is psychological fatigue, when you suffer from mindlessness and thoughtlessness.  Finally, the third stage of burnout is spiritual fatigue.

Spiritual fatigue is a sense of hopelessness, helplessness, thoughts of escape, running away, you don’t like your coworkers anymore, you don’t like your clients anymore; you’re sick of it.  Have you ever watched one of those television programs, composed of a bunch of stories about people that have run away to another part of the country for five or ten years, and none of their family friends can find them?  If you are wondering if you could do that, you are probably reaching burnout.