When Kit Welchlin was CEO of three manufacturing companies in three states, many of his customers and clients were large corporations.

For decades, Kit has been a valued resource to his corporate clients. If you need to hire a corporate keynote speaker, you want to be sure to hire a corporate keynote speaker that has actual experience working with and inside corporations, leading people, and growing winners.

Kit is one of the best motivational speakers and has delivered speeches, seminars and workshops to dozens of corporate clients over the years. Many of them have hired Kit over and over again as their organizations have grown and as their industries have changed.

Some of Kit’s Fortune 500 clients include Berkshire Hathaway, UnitedHealth Group, General Electric, State Farm Insurance, Target, IBM, Sysco, General Dynamics, 3M, International Paper, Ecolab, Ameriprise Financial, American Family Insurance Group, Xcel Energy, Boston Scientific, Mosaic, Thrivent, and Securian Financial Group.

Next time you get the opportunity to listen to a corporate keynote speaker, consider their depth and breadth of experience. Have they done their homework, do they truly understand the issues, and do they have practical strategies that really work?

To get new insights for solving old problems, it can certainly make sense to find a corporate keynote speaker that has worked with a wide variety of industries. Sharing ideas from different industries unlocks the potential for creative problem solving. When you have to find a corporate keynote speaker for your next event, make sure they energize the participants and inspire attendees to take action.

Sometimes a support staff person is tasked to find a corporate keynote speaker. The results from an internet search like “corporate keynote speaker hire” can be overwhelming. The search results provide pages of ads about how to hire a corporate keynote speaker. It might make sense to contact a trusted speakers bureau or meeting planner that can make suggestions rather than sorting through the results from an internet search like “corporate keynote speaker hire.”

Many of Kit’s corporate clients are also active members of professional associations. At some point you may serve on an association committee that needs to find a corporate keynote speaker for conference plenary sessions. Even if you do an internet search for a keynote speaker for conference opening sessions, you might not find the perfect speaker for your event. The best keynote speaker for conference kickoffs needs to be high-energy and set the tone for the entire event.

A corporate keynote speaker on leadership, change, emotional intelligence, or any other topic should encompass these qualities: appear warm and friendly, express their intentions and motives, demonstrate trustworthiness, be an information source, have relevant expertise, and project dynamism. Corporate keynote speakers with those qualities can energize employees and enhance engagement.

Kit has delivered more that 3,500 speeches, seminars, workshops, breakout sessions, concurrent sessions, and plenary sessions; in-person or virtually.

Kit is often referred to as the best keynote corporate speaker participants have ever heard. Here is a sample of what people say about Kit’s presentations.

“First of all, WOW … I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation on “Chaos & Change Management.” It was very informative as well as entertaining. I truly appreciate you and your time sharing your professional expertise. The information I received was very helpful, enlightening, and refreshing. I received so much valuable information that re-energized and rejuvenated my passion and desire to rise above. I took away many key components to sharpen existing skills as well as added a few new ones.”


“I still recall when I saw you speak at BAE Systems. You are incredible to see in person: thoughtful, engaging, funny.”

Benjamin Schmaus, BAE Systems

“I thought that Kit did an outstanding job! Our entire team (around 60 people) really enjoyed him and had a lot of really positive comments about his presentation. The prevalent comment I heard was that he was so energetic and funny that it made the two hours fly by! The team also commented on the content and how it was really relevant to their daily lives as they deal with challenging people at work. It was very helpful that Kit included a handout with his presentation. It is a great reference point for everyone to go back to and validate their understanding. I would definitely recommend Kit for any other presentations at Target. It was a true pleasure hearing his message and the impact it has on our daily lives.”

Tara Peyerl, Target

“Hey Kit, unfortunately, your presentation was so interesting for me I forgot to take pictures of you as I should have! Great presentation. A lot of people thought you had a ton of great points, and for me, I am doing the breathing exercises in my car before I come into work every day!”

Alex Kocher, General Dynamics

“Kit, Thank you so much for your great presentation to our Education Exchange on Friday afternoon. It was a great way to close out our day. I’m so glad you could join us at the Kitchen Window event and hope you had a good time. Rest assured that I will recommend you to others within Ecolab, and will reach out to you again as I am looking for speakers. Thank you again for your very engaging and informative presentation!

Linda Homan, RN, BSN, CIC, ECOLAB

“Kit, Thank you so much for presenting at our Customer Tribute in New Orleans. As you were in Cleveland, you were a hit in New Orleans! Your presentation was of great value and our customers found it extremely interesting. Your energy and excitement were contagious! Thank you, again, for making our Customer Tribute educational and worthwhile. It was a pleasure working with you again!”

Jennifer McCann, Corporate Communications, Chromascape, Inc.

“On behalf of 3M, I would like to thank you for presenting the Lunch & Learn seminar, “What Do You Say When You Talk to Yourself?” We are very pleased with the positive comments we received from our employees. Your presentation proved to be very informative and entertaining. It is evident that the audience thought you did an excellent job presenting your information in a fun and thorough manner. Thank you, again, for sharing your knowledge with 3M and its employees. It has been a pleasure working with you.”

Gretchen Nelson & Katy Stangl, 3M Healthy Living Resources

“Mr. Welchlin, I just wanted to thank you for the excellent job you did on your Stress, Time, and Procrastination Management presentation at 3M. I just watched the recorded webinar of this presentation at lunch today with my team. We had a great laugh (more than one, in fact!) and learned a lot. You are an extremely gifted speaker. We all walked away feeling refreshed with lots of great ideas on how to manage our stress and time better. Thanks for sharing your expertise with us!”

Yvonne Houle, 3M Information Technology

“On behalf of the organizing team and all the attendees, I’d like to thank you for helping us to make the Manitowoc International Leadership Summit a valuable and exciting event. As you know, our theme was ‘One Manitowoc – one vision, one team’ and the insights you shared with the group around effective leadership will help our participants to lead this evolution throughout our global team. You have an energizing and compelling presentation style that really resonated with our participants. In fact, your keynote was among the highest rated sessions for the entire summit!”

Glen E. Tellock, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, The Manitowoc Company, Inc.

“Thanks so much for coming last week. As always, you were great!”

Lynsey Hullopeter, 3M

“Thank you for the energetic workshop on Wednesday; the staff really enjoyed the afternoon.”

Jean Dubnecay, Cargill

“Thanks again for the great training program on Friday. The team really enjoyed the energy and passion around your work. There were lots of compliments after you left. I’ll be sure and pass your name around to some other managers when they’re planning their offsite.”

Don McFarling, Target

“I hired Kit to speak at one of our young professionals event. The topic he talked about was “You’re on a Team, You May as Well be good at It!” Everyone loved him and the topic! It was a great success!”

Teressa Kadlec Portfolio Manager at BMO Harris Bank

“Our executive peer group was totally engaged and every member had a list of takeaways to help mitigate the stress that can consume business executives in our 24×7 leadership roles today. Well worth the time.”

Carl Moe Managing Director, CRO Round Table

“Kit participated in a communications session at the Health Care Compliance Association national conference and presented great content in an effective and entertaining way.”

Steve Bunde Vice President, Internal Audit and Health Plan Compliance Officer, HealthPartners

If you do an internet search such as “corporate keynote speaker” you might not find the perfect speaker for your event. If you need to hire a corporate keynote speaker for your next event, you can’t go wrong if you hire Kit Welchlin.