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The Managerial Communication Kit is a 12 video series with a discussion guide that will allow you to hone your skills as a manager and effectively communicate with and coordinate your team. This self-study course can be used as a weekly or monthly management meeting kickoff activity or at professional association board member meetings as a leadership development tool.

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Managerial Communication Kit

When was the last time you had fun reading a business book?

Here is your chance. The Communication Kit, written by Kit Welchlin, is a one-of-a-kind, fun and informative business book, playfully packed with practical strategies to deal with the issues we all face at work. The Communication Kit covers a variety of topics with literally hundreds of quick tips to help people perform at a higher level.

The Communication Kit is based upon a wildly successful series of silly, yet serious, video blogs depicting several struggling semi-professional characters, played by Kit Welchlin, (oh yes, they are quite the characters) that are quickly mentored by a patient professional mentor, also played by Kit Welchlin.

Chapters cover such topics as change, conflict resolution, customer service, difficult people, gender communication, generational communication, interpersonal communication, leadership, listening, managerial communication, meetings, negotiation, persuasion, team building, and a bonus chapter on stress management.

The Communication Kit is an amusing, yet useful, guidebook written to help people quickly review key strategies and perform in a much more effective and professional manner at work.


The Communication Kit – Volume 1

The Communication Kit - Volume 2

The Communication Kit – Volume 2

The Communication Kit - Volume 1

Purchase one copy of the book for $20

Purchase one copy of the book for $20

Purchase 2 or more books for $15/each

Purchase 2 or more books for $15/each

Purchase 6 or more books for $10/each

Purchase 6 or more books for $10/each

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