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Listening: Why Don’t We Listen?


People do a lot of listening, to smart phones on the way to work, to coworkers in meetings, and to casual conversations.  Sometimes it’s hard to continue listening attentively.

There are a number of reasons why we don’t listen.

Sometimes we suffer from something called message overload.  Given the amount of speech most of us encounter everyday, makes carefully listening to […]

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Listening: Why would I want to listen?


There is good reason to listen, and there are five reasons why we listen, and it has a big impact in how we respond.

The first reason we listen is to advise and evaluate.  We respond by saying something like, “You should…or …you ought to…or…if I were you this is what I would do.”

The second reason why we listen is […]

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Listening: Am I not Listening?


People are probably hearing, but may not be listening.  There are many types of non-listening behaviors.

Pseudo-listening, where it looks like you are listening, but you are not.  It is an imitation of the real thing.

Another is stage-hogging.  This is when a person, turns every topic of conversation to themselves, instead of showing interest in the other person.

Some people are […]

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Listening: Are There Different Levels of Listening?


It is important to apply critical thinking skills, however, people might start to think you’re kind of critical.

Critical listening is valuable and centers on understanding a message and evaluating it.  Then determining whether to accept or reject the message based on a standard of judgment upon which to conduct a careful analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of a […]

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Emotional Intelligence and Empathy: How Does Perception Checking Help?


If you have a diverse team at work with different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives, it is sometimes a struggle to understand what people mean by what they say.  Be the person that helps everybody understand each other better.

Feelings are internal reactions, and we can tell what people are feeling only from what they tell us, and from their overt […]

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