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Time Management: How Do You Handle Phone Interruptions?

Do you get lots of phone calls?  Does your phone ever stop ringing?   Do you find it difficult not to answer?  How do we handle phone interruptions?  Let’s take a look at some causes and solutions for phone interruptions.

Here are some causes:  No planning for handling unexpected calls.  No plans for un-availability.  Lack of delegation.  Inability to terminate the […]

Time Management: How Do You Handle Phone Interruptions?2019-09-19T10:57:40-05:00

Resilience: What Are The Benefits of Resiliency?

You may sometimes feel like a pinball in a pinball machine; pushed over here, bumped over there, and then getting your bell rung.  Sometimes you may wonder about the benefit of perseverance.  You keep clawing back, fighting your way back to the top of your game, just to face changes and challenges, again.

Life isn’t always easy.  Life is full […]

Resilience: What Are The Benefits of Resiliency?2019-08-22T06:20:11-05:00

Resilience: What is Resilience?

Professionally, you may have had to deal with a lot of changes and challenges at work.  Personally, you now may have aging parents and friends with serious health concerns.  You sometimes may just want to throw in the towel and give up.  You may need a dose of resilience.

If you look up the word resilience in the dictionary it […]

Resilience: What is Resilience?2019-08-22T06:08:32-05:00

Empowerment: How Do You Create an Empowerment Culture?


My coworkers say that they’ve “got my back”.  I’m not sure if that means they support me, or that they’ve “got my back” to push or throw me under the bus, or make it easier to point the finger at me if things don’t work out.  This is not an empowering culture.

So, how do you create an empowerment culture?

It […]

Empowerment: How Do You Create an Empowerment Culture?2019-07-26T09:21:20-05:00

Empowerment: What is Empowerment?


It is sometimes difficult to keep up with the trendy terms, the technical jargon, and the buzzwords.  Here’s a new one:  empowerment.  Sounds like a fancy word for “someone dumping their work on me”.

So, what is empowerment?

What I have found is if you ask five different people that question, you will probably get five different answers.  But there are […]

Empowerment: What is Empowerment?2019-07-26T09:06:21-05:00
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