• Pressure, tension, and stress fill the room?

  • People avoiding issues?

  • Colleagues competitive rather than cooperative?

  • Coworkers getting nasty?

  • Civility, respect, and professionalism forgotten?

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Conflict:  The Natural By-Product of Open and Honest Communication

Conflict Resolution:  Balancing Logic with Emotion

Negotiation:  The Art of Persuading and Influencing

The natural byproduct of open and honest communication is conflict. The more willing people are to share what they really think and feel, the more likely there will be conflict. Conflict is a good sign of relationship health. The ability to negotiate is crucial to long term relationship development and growth.

Negotiation skills dictate your level of professionalism.

Acquiring negotiation skills strengthen your confidence and increase the likelihood that you will walk away from the bargaining session with satisfying outcomes.

Participants will learn…

  • the negotiating models
  • the five steps in the negotiation process
  • the techniques to gain cooperation
  • the method to recognize, neutralize, and capitalize on the thirty dirty tricks
  • the ten characteristics of an effective negotiator

When opportunities arise, don’t hesitate, begin to negotiate!

“Everyone enjoyed your presentations on Giving and Receiving Feedback and Negotiation Skills as well as your enthusiasm, energy, and humor.  Your material was very pertinent and I think everyone took away positive and very useful information.”
Pat Parrish, RSP Architects

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