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Click “Play” to watch a brief video featuring Kit Welchlin from this presentation:

Click “Play” to watch a brief video featuring Kit Welchlin from this presentation:

  • Coworkers failing to manage the stress of change?

  • Colleagues joining the anti-change crowd?

  • Staff acting like victims and throwing pity parties?

  • Are people making a big deal out of little things?

  • Are key employees avoiding new challenges?

Let’s fix that!

Change: Are You Surviving? Or Thriving?

Change Management: Becoming a Quick-Change Artist

Chaos and Change Management: Leading through Adversity

Welchlin Keynote Presentations provides speeches and seminars directed toward Change Management Training. As one of the busiest leadership keynote speakers in the country, Kit personally and professionally applies the information found in the change management training materials.

Feeling overwhelmed with the constant change? In Kit’s keynote presentations he shares the three key drivers of change and strategies for stress management in the workplace. Wish things would just stop for a while? The accelerated pace of change is getting faster, customer service is getting tougher, and customer service speakers like Kit can help.


Personally and professionally we need skills to face change and benefit from it, rather than be a victim of it. Welchlin Keynote Presentations and Change Management Training will provide strategies to get the organization through the changes in one piece and keep your finest talent through intergenerational communication messages.  With technology and worldwide competition, we need to be prepared to lead, rather than fall behind.  Professional keynote speakers can point out opportunities on how to improve customer service and lead your field.

Change has become nonstop and to avoid change management training can stall or even ruin your career.  Change Management Training provides the tools to use for those who invest energy in finding and seizing the opportunities brought by change.  Meet the challenge.

Participants will learn

  • the three key drivers of change
  • the difference between change and transition
  • the four stages of transition
  • the thirteen big mistakes in managing the transition
  • the thirteen guidelines for managing radical change

“I want to extend my most sincere gratitude to you for your excellent presentation entitled, “Change! Are You Surviving or Thriving?”  Your presentation was informative, interesting, and most importantly, thought provoking.”
Ron Gjerde, Minnesota Association of Cemeteries

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