Click “Play” to watch a brief video featuring Kit Welchlin from this presentation:

Click “Play” to watch a brief video featuring Kit Welchlin from this presentation:

  • Feeling the stress of doing more with less?

  • Saddled with stressful situations and difficult discussions?

  • Are you physically, psychologically and spiritually fatigued?

  • Does the concept of work and life balance sound like a joke?

  • Suffering burnout?

STP – Stress, Time, and Procrastination Management

Stress Management:  Are You a Burnout?

Work and Life Balance:  Balancing the Quickness, Quantity, and Quality of Your Life

Starting to feel tired? Tired of your customers? Tired of your coworkers? Tired of your family? Are you managing the overload? When faced with change, shrinking budgets, and economic fluctuations, it is understandable why presentations on stress management are in high demand. Learn stress management strategies that can provide relief.

There are three questions that need to be asked and answered. How well are you avoiding unnecessary stress? How well are you responding to unavoidable stress? How well are you practicing good health? Kit Welchlin answers these questions and provides proven strategies for successfully managing stress.

Stress attacks us physically and psychologically. Stress drains us of our productivity and the enjoyment of our personal and professional lives. It seems like we never get a break from the stress. This non-stop stress can lead to burnout. Burnout isn’t something you recover from over the weekend; it can take two to four years to recover from burnout. Kit shares physical and psychological stress relieving strategies that create a positive communication climate.

Nearly half of the nation’s workers say job stress is destroying their mental and physical health and eroding their productivity. Kit Welchlin is one of the most requested stress management speakers in the United States and shares positive, yet practical remedies to relief stress. Welchlin keynote presentations highlight strategies to balance the quickness, quantity, and quality of your life.

Participants will learn:

  • the benefits and consequences of stress
  • the three stages of burnout
  • the thirty proven techniques to relieve stress
  • the top twenty time management techniques
  • the five steps to stop procrastination

“It went extremely well and I am receiving all kinds of positive feedback!  I really appreciate your approach to not only make the session fun and entertaining but also the way to get people to respond to these important training topics.”
Steven Spehn, Carelton College

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