• Difficulties establishing and maintaining trust?

  • Struggling with connecting with a coworker?

  • Having difficulty resolving conflict?

  • Wondering if you are being assertive or aggressive?

  • Are your professional relationships too personal?

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Building Effective Work Relationships

Interpersonal Communication:  How to Establish and Maintain Trust

Improving Our Relationships:  Effective Communication Techniques

Welchlin Keynote Presentations highlight the effective communication techniques that are crucial to establishing and maintaining positive interpersonal relationships. We spend more time with the people we work with, than the people we live with, and we claim we love them.

We spend a lot of time with our coworkers; it sure would be nice if we could get along, and effective communication techniques make it possible. It is important to establish and maintain trust and have the confidence to discuss the issues and concerns we face at work.

Our ability to assertively express our thoughts and creative ideas will guarantee our personal and professional success. Our customers expect to build effective work relationships with them, and as a highly regarded customer service speaker, Kit points out that customers are not just our bottom-line they are our life-line. Effective communication techniques provide methods on how to improve customer service.

Having a high degree of technical skills in not enough to ensure a successful career. A person must also develop effective communication techniques and strategies. As one of the most sought after leadership keynote speakers in the country, Kit reminds clients that leadership is not just positional; it’s personal.

Effective communication techniques improve intergenerational communication, enhance stress management in the workplace, and provide approaches on how to handle difficult customers, whether internal or external. Are you looking forward to going to work, or resenting the fact you have to?

In Welchlin keynote presentations, or breakout sessions, or half-day seminars, participants will learn…

  • the five laws of communication
  • the rules of sensible self-disclosure’
  • the methods to develop and maintain trust
  • the techniques to effectively express feelings verbally and nonverbally
  • the surefire conflict resolution skills and negotiation strategies

“Thanks again for the great training program on Friday.  The team really enjoyed the energy and passion around your work.  There were lots of compliments after you left.  I’ll be sure and pass your name around to some other managers when they’re planning their offsite.”
Don McFarling, Target

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