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Click “Play” to watch a brief video featuring Kit Welchlin from this presentation:

Click “Play” to watch a brief video featuring Kit Welchlin from this presentation:

  • Exhausted by difficult people?

  • Having trouble diffusing their exaggerated behaviors?

  • Are they getting under your skin?

  • Running out of de-escalation strategies?

  • Worried that you may be becoming one of them?

Let’s fix that!

Handling Difficult People:  Dealing with People You Can’t Stand

How to Work with Bullies, Tyrants, and Jerks

How to Deal with Difficult People without Becoming One

It is estimated the 20–21% of our population can be classified as difficult people. No matter where you go there will be at least one to deal with. Difficult people look for your buttons. They don’t push your buttons; they punch them! Identify the “nasty people” and learn how to stop being hurt by them without becoming one of them!

Welchlin keynote presentations provide the dealing with difficult people training materials that gets results. Where ever you go there is going to be someone that is difficult. As one of the leading leadership keynote speakers and customer service speakers, Kit has found that the dealing with difficult people training sessions give people hope and ideas on how to handle difficult customers and how to improve customer service.

Sometimes a coworker can temporarily become difficult and unreasonable. Sometimes you have a coworker that becomes difficult permanently. Sometime in a multi-generational workplace, intergenerational communication differences can cause difficulty. Welchlin keynote presentations can help.

The dealing with difficult people training provides techniques to minimize the damage to yourself and your organization. Being one of the busiest professional keynote speakers in the country, Kit shares strategies in his dealing with difficult people training speeches and seminars that help people with stress management in the workplace.

In the Dealing with Difficult People Training participants will learn…

  • the ten different types of difficult people
  • the five action steps to respond rather than react
  • the five stages in controlling your emotions and responding appropriately
  • how to differentiate yourself from everyone else
  • the fifty strategies to deal with the truly ruthless

“Thank you for the motivating session on July 27th.  Your experience and helpful tips on dealing with difficult clients were most helpful and we’ve received a lot of positive feedback.  You are very entertaining with your presentations and you make learning fun and enjoyable.”
Cindy Bourke, Metropolitan State University

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