• Are people missing the details?

  • Frustrated with smartphone distraction?

  • Repeating yourself more often than necessary?

  • Coworkers seem distracted or preoccupied?

  • Losing time and resources because of mistakes?

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Active Listening:  The Business of Communicating

Listening:  Understanding Your Emotions and Responding Appropriately

Effective Listening:  Have You been Complimented on Your Listening Skills Lately?

We spend more time listening than any other communication activity. Often our minds drift and we can miss critical information and look foolish in our interactions. Listening is a skill admired by all and practiced effectively by few. The good news is that listening is free and the benefits are immense.

The ability to be an effective listener is too often taken for granted. Listening requires paying attention, interpreting, and remembering.

A survey of personnel directors found: effective listening was ranked highest among the skills defined as most important for employees.

Listening is a skill that can be learned.

Participants will learn…

  • the nine barriers of effective listening
  • the six step listening sequence
  • the eleven reasons why we don’t listen
  • the five ways to listen and respond
  • the fourteen characteristics of effective listeners

Don’t get caught saying, “My co-worker says I never listen to them, or something like that.”

“Thank you so much for coming down to Albert Lea to speak with our group.  We all really enjoyed it and got a lot out of the information you provided.”
Brenda Donahe, Mrs. Gerry’s

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