• Office politics causing problems?

  • Difficulties giving and receiving feedback?

  • Meeting out of routine rather for results?

  • Are performance appraisals painful?

  • Are personality conflicts getting in the way?

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Hiring the Best People and Keeping Them:  Unleashing Empowerment and Enjoying Employee Engagement

Managerial Communication:  What Makes an Effective Leader?

Tips in Managing People at Work:  Professionalism in the Workplace

Day in and day out, as a manager, we are faced with problems and issues that we couldn’t have imagined. It is crucial to have a ready reference of smart moves to guide our staff to achieve measurable results. Utilizing strategies that yield success bolsters our managerial confidence.

Hundreds of studies have sought to identify what it is that differentiates effective managers from ineffective ones.

All studies generally conclude that the effective manager must be competent in these four skills: conceptual skills, human skills, technical skills, and political skills.

Participants will learn…

  • the techniques of effective listening
  • the rules of goal setting and providing feedback
  • the skills of an effective delegator and sensational supervisory skills
  • how to appraise performance and select disciplinary actions
  • the strategies of oral persuasion and politicking
  • the principles in running effective meetings and resolving conflict

A career can and should be managed. Learn smart moves for people in charge!

“Thank you for being a part of the conference.   Comments we heard at the show, from attendees, moderators and exhibitors have been fantastic.  You do tremendous work!!!”
Cary Swenson, Director, South Dakota Safety Council, Inc.

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