Listening is often taken for granted.  It is critical for successful and fulfilling personal and professional relationships to be a good listener.  One of the keys is to show interest; even if it’s not interesting.  Keep this in mind, this person has decided to talk with you rather than doing anything else in their lives, it’s interesting to them.

Show interest by squarely face the other person, tipping your head occasionally, demonstrating attentive facial expressions, removing barriers, leaning forward slightly, and making eye contact.  People know you hear with your ears, they judge whether you are listening with your eyes.  And be sure to avoid distracting actions such as looking away, rolling your eyes, running your fingers through your hair, pulling on your ears, checking text messages, voicemails, or emails,  or taking phone calls.

Most of us have a distracting action.  Ask the people you work with, they know.  Ask the people you live with, they will tell you.  Then stop it.