How Do I Determine What Motivates Me?

You have probably listened to many motivational programs and motivational speakers over the years, yet you can lose your motivational mojo and feel flat somedays. I suggest you go back and really consider some of the philosophies concerning motivation.

Review Abraham Maslow’s five human needs: Physiological needs (needs for oxygen, water, food, physical health, and comfort), Safety needs (to be safe […]

How Do I Determine What Motivates Me?2023-09-14T09:32:11-05:00

How Do I Deal with Negative Emotions?

We all have known people over the years that have short fuses, hot-tempers, and bad moods. All of us get glum, get frustrated, and get down. We need strategies to overcome these negative emotions.

Being aware of your feelings is an important and somewhat difficult task. Many of us were taught to hide our feelings or to minimize or pretend we […]

How Do I Deal with Negative Emotions?2023-09-12T15:20:24-05:00

How Do I Understand My Emotions and Respond Appropriately?

One of the key elements of emotional intelligence is the ability to listen more closely and respond more thoughtfully.

We have all heard the phrase, “I need some time to collect my thoughts.” That ability, to slow down the mind, and think, and respond, rather than react, is a critical element of self-regulation and emotional intelligence. Listening and understanding your emotions […]

How Do I Understand My Emotions and Respond Appropriately?2023-09-06T09:53:56-05:00

How Do I Enhance My Personal Brand?

We all have our own personal brand, and emotional intelligence, based on accurate self-awareness, is the foundation.

Your personal brand leaves a first impression and a lasting impression. Your personal brand is composed of your work experience and education, the benefits those talents provide, your interactions with customers and coworkers, your values, and your personality.

So, what is your background? What have […]

How Do I Enhance My Personal Brand?2023-09-05T12:50:33-05:00

How Do I Enhance My Self Awareness?

I’m sure people say you’re good at your job, you’re competent, you’re smart, and you’re pretty funny. How do you know if what they are saying is true or whether they are just being nice? How does a person know themselves, really?

We often see ourselves in the reflection of others, a mirroring of the judgments of those around us. This […]

How Do I Enhance My Self Awareness?2023-08-31T12:06:42-05:00


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