Mistake: Resisting Change

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Mistake: Resisting Change


Some people make the mistake of joining the anti-change crowd.  I learned a long time ago growing up on the farm that it was a lot easier to ride the horse in the direction it was headed.  I don’t know if you have ever been on a horse that wants to go back to the barn, it’s going back to the barn.  It’s an 800-pound animal.

All you have is the bit and the bridle, and the more you slap it on the ears, cuss and swear, the more likely the horse will scrape you off on a tree or the barn door on the way in, it is the same way when it comes to organizational change.  When the industry is changing, when the organization is changing, sometimes you may have to go along with it, because it’s a lot easier to ride the horse in the direction it is heading.

So, embrace the changes, learn new skills, and don’t get thrown from the horse.  Stay involved.  Join a task force, a climate survey committee, or a transition monitoring team, and seize the opportunities.