As a leader, manager, or supervisor, you are expected to lead change.  The key is to be consistent in your communication.  Clearly communicate the purpose, the good reason why the change is necessary.  Clearly communicate the problem or problems with the status quo with facts and support with logic.  Next, clearly communicate the vision and paint the picture of what the future will look like, people need to be able to see it to believe it.

Do some role play, go on a tour, or provide a demonstration, so people can imagine it and feel it.  Next clearly communicate the plan.  Describe the steps to get from where we are to where we need to go.  Provide an estimated timeline:  this will take a week, this will take a month, this will take a year, seems pretty well thought-out.

Finally, clearly communicate the part people will play and how their contribution is critical for personal, professional, and organizational success.  If you clearly communicate the purpose, picture, plan, and part people will play; people will follow you through fire, or at least shallow water.