Resilience: How Do I Move Forward?

Have you been knocked down and have you gotten back up?  Now catch your breath.  It’s time to move forward?

One of the best ways to move forward is to set some realistic goals.  Nothing outrageous, nothing sensational…just set some simple goals that are sensible.

Start by taking care of yourself.  Consider being well-fed, well-rested, and well-exercised.  Small accomplishments in these […]

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Empowerment: What Does Delegation Have to Do with Empowerment?


Job enlargement, job enrichment, and job rotation can enhance employee retention.  We were hired to do a certain job, we feel like we have mastered it, and we’re starting to feel kind of bored.  It is exciting to take on some new tasks and duties.  Delegation may be required.  Delegation can be empowering.

There are a number of good reasons […]

Empowerment: What Does Delegation Have to Do with Empowerment?2019-08-07T13:36:24-05:00

Empowerment: How Do You Create an Empowerment Culture?


My coworkers say that they’ve “got my back”.  I’m not sure if that means they support me, or that they’ve “got my back” to push or throw me under the bus, or make it easier to point the finger at me if things don’t work out.  This is not an empowering culture.

So, how do you create an empowerment culture?

It […]

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Empowerment: What is Empowerment?


It is sometimes difficult to keep up with the trendy terms, the technical jargon, and the buzzwords.  Here’s a new one:  empowerment.  Sounds like a fancy word for “someone dumping their work on me”.

So, what is empowerment?

What I have found is if you ask five different people that question, you will probably get five different answers.  But there are […]

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Team Building: How Do We Solve Problems and Make Decisions?


Often, when there are problems, people are so sure about what they think the problem is.  You may sometimes wonder…is this the problem or is this…a symptom?  It would be a good idea to incorporate a proven process for problem-solving that guarantees that a rational decision will be made by the team.

As a team member, we should insist on […]

Team Building: How Do We Solve Problems and Make Decisions?2019-06-11T05:34:10-05:00
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