Team Building: What Social Role Do I Play on a Team?


We are social beings. Sometimes team meetings are boring and no fun whatsoever.  All work and no play.  Yuck!  We get our work done.  We cover the agenda, but nobody enjoys the experience.  It would be nice to enjoy each other’s company and maybe even have some fun.

Working on teams can be fun.  There are many social/maintenance roles that […]

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Team Building: How Do You Get Team Members to Talk?


It is important to get team members to talk.  What limits interaction is when we remind people that we don’t have money in the budget or that we tried that once and it didn’t work.

Good meeting participants know how to get participation.  They say the right things in the right ways to invite input and keep it coming.  It […]

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Team Building: What is Norming?


There are formal and informal methods for facilitating and participating in meetings.

Parliamentary procedures are still used at annual meetings and board meetings.

Today we are talking about norming.  Norms are basically informal rules of conduct.  Norms are shared values, beliefs, behaviors, and procedures.

After a period of conflict, one idea might emerge as the best one, or the team might combine […]

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Team Building: What is Storming?


Shortly after we have formed a team, people start to become more comfortable and confident to engage in conflict.  This stage of team development is called storming.

Conflict is a healthy sign for a team.  Conflict demonstrates that team members trust each other and are willing to discuss different viewpoints.

The storming stage includes the generation and evaluation of ideas.  Team […]

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Team Building: How Do You Form a Team?


Ever get tired of working alone?  Do you ever get kind of lonely working independently?  Here’s an idea; form a team, hold a meeting, see some people, and eat donuts.  For some, forming a team and holding a meeting, is the practical alternative to work.

Creating a team is not supposed to be the alternative to work, it’s supposed to […]

Team Building: How Do You Form a Team?2019-04-05T09:04:33-05:00
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