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Stress Management: Does Setting Goals Relieve Stress?

Do you sometimes feel like a loser? Do you feel like your career has stalled, your financial future looks grim, your friends are few, your family doesn’t seem excited to see you, you could lose a few pounds, and you’re losing hope that anything will change? Maybe you should set a few goals.

Setting goals does relieve stress because it gives […]

Stress Management: Does Setting Goals Relieve Stress?2022-12-31T11:20:52-05:00

Stress Management: How Do You Find Delight in Delays?

Is your schedule full and your stress level high? Do you have any time for distractions or delays? When others drop the ball, does it blow your stack? Often we don’t have room in our calendars for disruptions. How can we respond more effectively to delays?

When we get stuck in traffic, or the flight is delayed, or the train is […]

Stress Management: How Do You Find Delight in Delays?2022-12-21T16:57:07-05:00

What is Work Life Balance?

Everyone seems to have made some personal and professional adjustments over the past couple of years.  Now is the time to reflect and ask ourselves, “What does work/life balance mean?”

Work life balance means having time to call your own, that is free time, and guilt-free time. Work life balance is spending some time doing enjoyable stress-free activities.  Recalibrate your […]

What is Work Life Balance?2022-08-18T09:53:03-05:00

Work and Life Balance

People often ask me, “What is your idea of work and life balance?”  My definition for work and life balance is when an individual allocates a certain amount of time to support their physical needs, social needs, mental needs, and spiritual needs.  When in balance, a person feels fulfillment, passion, and a spirit of adventure.

Then people often ask, “What […]

Work and Life Balance2022-08-17T09:35:03-05:00

Stress Management Skills that Work: Strategies for Stress Management


Stress management is a daily battle.  Sometime when I am delivering a presentation on stress management, I’m thinking to myself, “Man, did I ever need this.”

People sometimes will ask me, “What are the five stress management techniques that work?”

One:  Set a variety of goals.  Setting goals relieves stress because it gives you hope that your life can be different.  […]

Stress Management Skills that Work: Strategies for Stress Management2022-08-10T06:11:19-05:00


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