We have all heard of this concept called quality time. Sometimes, after work, however, you might just want to come home, close the blinds, and shut off the lights, and be left alone.

Historically, quality time has been described as carving out time for family and friends. However, recently I came across a study that claimed that more than 40% of the stress we feel is caused by our family. These are people that love and care about us, and they cause nearly half of our stress. So, I suggest getting away from them every once in awhile.

I get quality time three days a week. When my wife heads to cross fit, I head to the hot tub. I slide in there for twenty minutes of quality time, then shower off, and away I go.

In the old days I would go up to the second-floor bathroom and slip into a big old clawfoot tub full of piping-hot peaches and cream bubble bath. I wouldn’t let my wife’s cat in there, I wouldn’t let her dog in there, and I would just idle down. I would soak there for twenty minutes, pull the plug, fight the current, get my exercise in, shower off, and away I’d go.

Think of a quiet retreat for yourself and enjoy some quality time. Maybe it would be a casual stroll through the park, maybe some soothing music in the garage, or maybe just sitting by the lake, the stream, a babbling brook, or in the backyard.

Quality time with family and friends is important and valuable, but so are you. Try out a few low or no effort activities to find the right fit. Carve out some quality time for yourself.

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