In order to communicate effectively across the generations, we need to recognize that there are some differences in the expectations when it comes to audio/visual equipment and technology.  I would suggest that you no longer use an overhead projector, however, the Veterans & Traditionals might appreciate it.  It’s light and it’s bright, and it must be pretty important information if you went to the trouble of putting it on a transparency.

The Baby Boomers would get a kick out of the old technology.  Baby Boomers would most likely reminisce about overhead projectors and slide projectors and they might even think it is kind of cool.  Generation Xers would think you are trapped in the 80’s and they would probably prefer power point presentations with headlines, bullet points and graphics.

The Millennials would squirm in their seats and prefer ‘whiz-bang’ video and multimedia productions.  I would recommend getting some training and learning the new technologies and become more effective in communicating across the generations.