The Business Forum Show Presents Kit Welchlin – Part 2

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Listen and watch as Kit sits down with Kevin Hunter, the host of The Business Forum Show on AM 1570 KYCR , to discuss his classes that he teaches and the students who take them. They also discuss what approach Kit takes in his seminars. Kit also touches on Procrastination Management.


Kit Welchlin originally didn’t expect to teach. In the 80’s he owned manufacturing companies. He would have his staff attend any professional seminar in town as he always found that there was value in it. His staff would learn new skills, new ways of managing and working together to improve their organization.

After leaving the manufacturing industry, Kit was working as a speaker and consultant. He also went back to school to finish his undergraduate and Masters degrees. As he was graduating, Metropolitan State University was looking to hirer an instructor in Speech Communication that had a background in management. A perfect fit.

For 10 years, Kit taught a course Managerial Communication: What Makes an Effective Leader at Metropolitan State University. At the same time he was teaching an inservice to the faculty at Anoka-Ramsey Community College. They eventually approached him and offered to pay him more to teach there.

At Anoka-Ramsey Community College, Kit also gives seminars on how to communicate across the generations. In his classes, Kit has a variety of age groups ranging from 16 – 60. With this experience, he can take what he has learn to his clients and tell them what they should do in these situations.


When Kit prepares for his seminars, he tries to think outside the box. Kit digs into the organizations information, learning how they work and what strategies they currently follow. He tries to shake them up a bit. Organizations can get trapped in patterns. Kit gears his seminars to results. He inspires organizations to figure out what they are going to do about improving their strategies.

Procrastination Management

Every one is talking about time management. How do we manage procrastination? Procrastination isn’t bad. We just need to know how to manage it properly.