Have your managers ever mentioned to you that you have leadership potential? Maybe this is new to you. Maybe you already thought you have leadership skills. In this video blog Kit lists four skills that are essential to being a leader. Ask yourself, “Do I have leadership potential?” Potential. What does that mean anyways?

Four essential skill you need to develop if you really do have leadership potential:

  • Conceptional Skills – The imagination to see what could be rather than what really is. The mental ability to coordinate all the organizations interests and activities.
  • Human Skills – The interpersonal skills you need to establish to maintain trust to the resolve conflicts. The ability to work with, understand, and motivate other people both individually and in groups.
  • Technical Skills – The understanding of your organization and the products and services it delivers. The ability to use tools, procedures and techniques of a specialized field. Basically, knowing how things work.
  • Political Skills – The ability to enhance one’s position, build a power base, and establish the right connections. Politics relates to who gets what and how.

If your managers are telling you that you have leadership potential, review this list and get to work on things that need to be improved. If you focus on and develop these four skills of leadership, you won’t just appear to have leadership potential, you will acquire leadership positions.

For more on leadership, watch Kit’s presentation here. Don’t forget to check back in next Monday for another video blog.