The Business Forum Show Presents Kit Welchlin

The Business Forum is a radio show that discusses good business. The insights provided can aid any business with information that can guide them to become world-class organizations.

Listen and watch as Kit sits down with Kevin Hunter, the host of The Business Forum Show on AM 1570 KYCR , to discuss what he focuses on in his seminars on optimal business strategies. He uses visual metaphors to explain how he provides his clients with first-rate service.

In the workplace, there are many factors that occur that can affect the process of how you run your organization. As a manager you need to recognize and decide how to best direct your organization and the workers in it towards the best direction that would benefit the organization as a whole.

Kit uses the metaphor of a silo when describing how to best run an organization. On a silo there are a series of doors where the farmer can load it. An organization is like a silo. It has many doors representing openings to many teams within the one  organization. Yet, for some reason, many of those doors are locked, causing the organization to not be able to work together as a whole. The organization would benefit by opening up those doors in order for all the frontline leaders to communicate and share information with other departments.

Organizations will benefit from open communication between levels of management as well. This will remove the opportunity of turf battles that can lead people to literally sabotaging each other. But, if you open all the doors there will be a free flow of information that can guide the organization to work more productively and ultimately more profitably.

How does one implement this?

Everyone is essential to an organization. Express your opinions at each meeting you go to. If you were an actor, you would be paid to play a role. Well, at work, it is the same concept. You are paid to play a role within the organization. There is always someone else who wants your job. You need to pick up your game play your part or that someone may step in and you will need to leave.

Everyone has heard the phrase: “Think alike. Talk alike. Act alike.”

If everyone on a team of 11, for example, is thinking, talking and acting alike, then only one person is really needed. This concept will stifle new and better ideas. It will keep individuals from contributing potentially beneficial insights.

Kit presents the strategy of having the team consist of people who CARE.

Creators – Idea people. People who come up with new ideas and concepts for the team.

Advancers – People who can take 2 or 3 of these new ideas and advance them. They take the personal and professional risks.

Refiners – They refine the ideas. How much is it going to cost? How many clients are we talking about? What kind of space? etc.

Executers – People who take the plan and put it into action.

The key of the leader is to be the facilitator. They need to recognize individual’s strong points and direct them as needed.


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Check back next Wednesday for the second half of Kit’s interview with Kevin Hunter.