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  • Talented team producing poor results?

  • Conformity and groupthink a problem?

  • Team members squabbling over silly stuff?

  • Can’t get the great ideas off the ground?

  • Members lacking trust, commitment, and accountability?

Let’s fix that!

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Team Building:  Taking Your Talents and Your Team to the Top

Teamwork:  Bringing Out the Best in Each Other

Team Member Effectiveness:  Building and Leading Successful Teams

Having to work with others is a fact of life. Working well together is a necessity. Working together in a group is a difficult and complicated communication task. Most people are unaware of the communication dynamics that affect the team and the team’s effort.  As a leadership keynote speaker, Kit describes how valuable positive team interactions are to organizational success.

Kit Welchlin is one of the most requested team building speakers and teamwork speakers in the speaking industry.  Effective communication techniques are critical for positive team dynamics.  Kit’s philosophy, “I don’t like working on teams, but I have to. Maybe you feel the same way. So I decided, if I have to work on teams; I could just as well be good at it. How about you?”  That’s what makes team member effectiveness one of Kit’s most requested professional keynote presentations.

More and more often we are being asked to work in groups to solve problems in creative ways. The effective communication techniques used by teams can help or hamper creativity and cohesiveness in organizations.  Learn how to focus on the positive aspects of different perspectives and involve team building speakers and teamwork speakers in your training events.  Team member effectiveness requires active participation.  Now with intergenerational communication in the workplace, flexibility in style can help stress management in the workplace.


In Welchlin keynote presentations participants will learn…

  • the requirements to build supportive teams that yield successful results
  • the tools for successful team meetings
  • the strategies of building successful teams
  • the essentials to build cohesiveness
  • the techniques to apply if a group member creates a problem

I don’t like working on teams, but I have to. Maybe you feel the same way. So I decided, if I have to work on teams; I could just as well be good at it. How about you?

“Thank you for a fabulous presentation at our Leadership Development conference. You are a dynamic speaker – it was obvious that you had done your homework, because your customized presentation really hit home. Months later, staff are still talking about you and are practicing the things that they learned at the event!”
Lisa K. Krause, Service & Staff Development, Mayo Health System

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