Our organizations’ culture is change adverse.  Change, just for the sake of change, seems silly and unnecessary to many people.  The word “change” can cause people to get upset and threaten to leave.  It would be nice to have a toolbox with the right tools to adjust the culture and change a few things.

There are three tools I know for sure that can help your organization adjust to change.  In a book entitled, “Change the Culture – Change the Game” written by Roger Connors and Tom Smith, provides three tools you can use to accelerate the change effort.  These tools are focused feedback, focused storytelling, and focused recognition.

Focused feedback offers positive and candid suggestions and guidance for those going through change and transition.  Feedback should be both appreciative and constructive.  It reinforces the thoughts and desired behaviors needed to move the culture and the changes forward.

The next tool to use is focused storytelling.  I’m sure you have noticed, people tell stories everyday throughout the organization.  We need to tap into that.  Share specific stories describing how people are living the desired beliefs and behaviors.  Telling these stories will reinforce the importance of the organization’s cultural beliefs and help to show people how to put these beliefs in to practice.

Finally, add some focused recognition and enjoy the increased momentum of the change effort throughout the organization.  Encourage everyone in the organization to observe and then recognize others for what they are doing to support the changes.  This positive reinforcement boosts morale and gets people focusing on what is working.

Feedback, storytelling, and recognition are great tools for adjusting your organization’s culture and for changing your professional life.  Feedback provides the information needed, storytelling helps understanding, and recognition always feels good.

If you really want to change your organization’s culture, contact me at kit@welchlin.com and I will deliver a speech or seminar packed with strategies that will work.