Change is hard pretty much for everybody.  Some people are merely suffering through it.  Some people are skipping down the hallway, high fiving and back slapping, acting as if there is nothing to worry about.  Is it possible to thrive rather than just survive change?  In a great book entitled, “Strategies for Fast-Changing Times” written by Nate Booth provides six beliefs that successful people hold in common that enables them to thrive during change.

The first belief to consider is that change equals opportunity.  Whenever faced with change, personally, professionally, or at home, ask yourself, “What are the opportunities here?”

The second belief to consider is that when things change, I must change.  To be a quick-change artist, one must change when the world changes, and not the other way around.  It is imperative that we change our beliefs and strategies to adapt to what is happening.

The third belief to consider that there is always a way to use change to your advantage.  When you are faced with a problem, and you use the problem as an opportunity to learn and grow, you’ll be unstoppable.

The fourth belief is to tell yourself that you are going to enjoy your journey through this rapidly changing world.  Use your sense of humor to turn the challenges into enjoyable experiences for yourself and everyone around you.

The fifth belief is that there is a life lesson to be learned from every change in your life.  Keep this in mind; lessons come from both good and bad changes.  And only you can decide what you learned from the experience.

The final belief is that it is important for you to be an active participant in the change process.  So find out what is changing and how you can contribute.

Here are some check questions:  What opportunities could this external change create for me?  How do I need to alter the way I think or the way I do things in response to this change?  What are the life lessons I can learn from this change?  What can I do right now to become a more active participant in the change process?  Answer these questions and you can be helpful rather than feel helpless when it comes to change.  Get involved and become an active participant and you’re bound to learn something.

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