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Do you have some colleagues that are quite forceful and aggressive?  You hear them stomping or rumbling down the hallway to blast you with their demands.  Don’t they realize some things don’t get done by snapping their fingers?

You may be dealing with an Aggressor or a Bulldozer, or some might call a Tank.  When you’re under attack by them, you’ve been targeted as part of the problem for something not getting done.  Their behavior has become more controlling, forceful, and demanding.

What you need to do is stay cool, calm, and collected.  Quickly backtrack their main concern, to get it done, so they know you have heard them.  Convey a genuine interest in what they are saying.  Ask for concrete examples and specifics.  Ask them what most concerns them.

Speak in “I” language and move the conversation forward.  Say things like, “The way I see it…” or say, “This is what I am going to do…”  When they interrupt, say their name and tell them you welcome their feedback when you are through.

Now if you did blow it, if you did or didn’t do something that caused the stressful circumstance, admit your mistake.  State briefly what you’ve learned from the experience, and what you will do differently in the future to prevent it from happening again.

Then they will probably respect you.  They will still think everybody else are idiots, but they will respect you, and that’s what we want.

Keeping cool, calm, and collected is the key.  Sometimes deadlines are moved up and stress gets high.  People under pressure often exaggerate their behavior and turn into Aggressors and Bulldozers.  Hold your ground and take action.  If your organization or industry is getting hot under the collar, contact me at and I will craft a presentation that will calm things down.

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