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You are probably a busy person working in a busy place and everybody is working their tails off.  However, if you make one more request, some people lose it.  It’s like the straw that breaks the camel’s back.  They just blow up and some people even throw things.  Ugly.

You may be dealing with a Hot Head or an Exploder.  Some people refer to these types of difficult people as Grenades.  This is a person whose efforts to get appreciation were ignored.  In their mind, they have been working especially hard and putting forth extra effort and no one has noticed.  Finally, they have had it.  Their behavior becomes an immediate demand for attention.  Blowing up or losing emotional control becomes their immediate reaction, to at least get some attention, since they didn’t get any appreciation.

You need to be prepared to respond, rather than react.  When they blow up, you need to take control of this stressful situation and conversation.  Get their attention by calling their name.  Wave your arms in a friendly manner.  Tell them you know they have been working hard.  Tell them how much you appreciate their efforts.  Lower the volume of your voice and soften the tone of your voice and empathize.  Show your genuine concern.

Suggest taking a break and resuming your conversation a little later in the day.

Welcome them back into the relationship and, again, thank them for their contributions.

In the future, really pay attention to their work activity and be sure to compliment them, recognize them, and appreciate them.  Then they probably won’t blow up; and that’s what we want.

Listen closely to your coworkers and you will recognize in advance that they might just want to hear some appreciation.  Don’t we all?

If there are not enough words of appreciation floating around your organization, contact me at and I will deliver a presentation with no-cost and low-cost ways to recognize and reward coworkers.

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