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Do you have an associate that you have to rely on to get timely information and materials and they sometimes drop the ball and don’t get things done?  Everybody likes this person, it’s like their hosting a party rather than being productive.

You may be dealing with a person often referred to as a Super Agreeable or People Pleaser.  They tend to say “yes” to everyone’s requests.  Their desire is to get along with everyone, to please everyone, and to be helpful to everyone. However, they become overwhelmed. They can’t finish all of the tasks they have agreed to do.  They go from being a people pleaser to a people disappointer.

Your goal is to build a relationship based on follow through.  Schedule some time to sit down with them and talk about the issue.  Talk with them as a friend or colleague about your concerns. Use the past as a case study to help them plan reasonable expectations.  Discuss the issues calmly and listen to their concerns.

Together, set up a system of reminders: maybe an email one week before the deadline, a phone call two days before the deadline, and stop by that morning.  Ask them to summarize their commitments and tasks.  Assist them in writing out a schedule to follow and consider realistic time constraints.

The next time they don’t follow through, describe the negative consequences for you and others and how it made you feel.  When they do finish a task on time, compliment them and describe how you and everyone else on the team benefited and appreciated it.

I believe if you consistently provide this type feedback over time, your requests will get done; and that’s what we want.  You will probably like this person even more when they get their work done on time.

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