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Empowerment: What Does Delegation Have to Do with Empowerment?


Job enlargement, job enrichment, and job rotation can enhance employee retention.  We were hired to do a certain job, we feel like we have mastered it, and we’re starting to feel kind of bored.  It is exciting to take on some new tasks and duties.  Delegation may be required.  Delegation can be empowering.

There are a number of good reasons […]

Empowerment: What Does Delegation Have to Do with Empowerment?2019-08-07T13:36:24-05:00

Hiring the Best People: Is There A System?

If you have ever suffered through a bad hire, two decisions were made: not hiring the right person… and hiring the wrong person.

There is a system for hiring the best people. Here are some ideas.

Be sure to review equal employment opportunity guidelines. You want to be sure you have reviewed employment laws, so you don’t […]

Hiring the Best People: Is There A System?2016-12-28T16:51:37-05:00

What About Office Politics?

Office politics occur in nearly every organization.  When a person is in a powerful position and is in the center of influence, office politics can often become an issue.

Given the different goals, values, interests, resources, budgets, salaries, space allocations, and projects…there will always be some politics involved.  You can either be skilled at politicking or […]

What About Office Politics?2016-12-28T16:51:43-05:00

How Do I Respond Non-Defensively to Criticism?

When in a high-profile position, a person is sometimes a target for criticism.  Being criticized is hard enough when the criticism is clearly unfair, but it’s often even harder to hear when the criticism is on target.

Regardless of the accuracy of your critic’s comments, we either feel like counter-attacking or withdrawing non-assertively.  Here are some […]

How Do I Respond Non-Defensively to Criticism?2016-12-28T16:51:43-05:00

How Do I Help Difficult People? [Video Blog]

Do you get so sick of people that become angry and difficult? You wish they would leave and take their stinky dispositions with them. You don’t want to understand them and you don’t want to help them.

However, you know it is an important part of your job. Then, you ask, “How do I help difficult […]

How Do I Help Difficult People? [Video Blog]2016-12-28T16:51:44-05:00
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