Job enlargement, job enrichment, and job rotation can enhance employee retention.  We were hired to do a certain job, we feel like we have mastered it, and we’re starting to feel kind of bored.  It is exciting to take on some new tasks and duties.  Delegation may be required.  Delegation can be empowering.

There are a number of good reasons to delegate.  The most important reason is because it demonstrates trust.  The act of delegation shows that we have trust and confidence in each other.  This explicit demonstration of support for each other leads to better interpersonal relations.

Delegation also helps us develop personally and professionally.  It stimulates us to expand our job capabilities and knowledge.  It helps us develop our decision-making skills.

Delegation also enhances commitment.  With our newfound autonomy and independence, we are much more likely to embrace a decision that we have personally made or at least participated in defining.

Here are some elements to consider with delegate and empowerment.

Does your organization’s culture tolerate risk?  Support employee growth and development?  Seek a high degree of autonomy for employees?

If the answers to these questions are yes…then delegation can feed empowerment.

What is your perception of your coworker’s competence?  Is this person capable, trustworthy, and motivated to assume great responsibility?  If so delegate.  What a nice compliment.

Also, how important is the decision?  Consider the level of risk involved if the delegation isn’t as successful as you planned.  Consider a demonstration, then some participation, before the delegation.

Delegation can improve decision-making, enhance commitment, and improve relationships because it demonstrates trust.  Consider your organization’s culture concerning tolerance for risk.  Consider your coworker’s level of competence and the importance of the decision.  Delegate and watch empowerment take hold.

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