Some leaders believe they always need to be a serious.  They keep their nose to the grindstone.  They have energy; energy for results.  They’re not going to jump around and cheerlead staff and distract them from their work.

I think they misunderstand the relationship of being energetic and being an effective leader.

Energy is contagious.  Our emotions are affected by the feelings of those around us.  Actually, there is a term for it:  emotional contagion.  Visit to read the entire newsletter.

Most of us recognize the degree to which emotions are infectious.  Emotional contagion is the process by which emotions are transferred from one person to another.  Emotional contagion means that we experience the same feelings that others have.  So, the people a leader guides will directly reflect the energy level they see and feel.

Studies show that coworkers, too, can affect each other’s emotions, especially positive ones, even with their online communications.

So being energetic doesn’t mean being silly. Serious people exude energy, too.

This type of energy provides a confidence-building source for others.  Enthusiasm is the result of an energetic person’s working on something he or she finds genuinely interesting.

We have all experienced being around a calm person that leaves us feeling more at peace.  We have all been in a good mood, only to have our day droop from being around a grump.  Energy is contagious, and leaders need to make it available to catch.

Effective leaders need to be well-fed, well-rested, and well-exercised and share their energy with their staff.

Energy, like any emotion, can be shared and the positive feelings transferred to others.  Being willing to share the gift of your energy will provide big dividends.

Sure, there is some vulnerability in being energetic, but it makes us all vulnerable, when people aren’t interested in following their leaders.

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