Most people agree that this employee engagement thing is a good idea. What can a person do to improve employee engagement?

Well, you don’t need a title to be a champion for employee engagement.  There are a number of things you can do to help improve employee engagement.

The first thing you can do is decide…that you like your work.  Do a minor attitude adjustment and convince yourself that it is kind of nice to get paid for your time, to do work you are already good at, and to have a chance to continue your growth personally and professionally.  Simply being happy rubs off on others.

Acknowledge the contributions and efforts of others.  Be the person that says thank you; that sprinkles gratitude around the work place by complimenting coworkers, suppliers, vendors, customers, and clients.

Celebrate the successes of others.  Attend the recognition activities and events of others.  Ask if you can be on the recognition committee or the sunshine committee, and assist in celebrating achievements and milestones weekly, monthly, and annually.

Enhance the environment in your team, department, or division.  Take it upon yourself to create a culture where employees want to be …not have to be.

Build the reputation as being a compassionate coworker.  One who is present, authentic, has a sense of dignity, and shows empathy.

You can be enthusiastic about your work and take positive action to further the organization’s reputation and interests.

So, compliment coworkers more often, get on a committee or two, be more compassionate and more committed.

It is important for every employee to be aware of options for supporting engagement.  Help create a menu of options and distribute it, and contribute to it, enthusiastically.  Encourage coworkers to participate in celebrating successes – both big and small.  Take a risk and recognize the rewards.