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One of the things you need to know when dealing with difficult people is, “What are your buttons?”  Because difficult people will find them, and they don’t just push them, they punch them.

What I would like you to do over the next couple of weeks is to keep track and notice the areas of your life that when people attack that make you mad.  Now you won’t be surprised when people attack or criticize those areas of your personal or professional life.

We all have buttons.  Sometimes these buttons could be your weight, whether we gained fifteen pounds or lost fifteen pounds, difficult people will say something critical.

One of your buttons could be your family and difficult people will ask, “Have you seen any of your delinquent family members lately?”

Another one of your buttons could be your area of expertise and competence.  Difficult people will ask, “Are you sure you did that correctly this time?”

Another button could be your masculinity or femininity.  Difficult people will say something insulting or vulgar and cause you to feel less of a man or less of a woman.

You need to know your buttons, so that you will be ready and able to respond professionally, rather than react and take it personally.  You will then be able to handle difficult people without becoming one of them.  Difficult people will respect you rather than resent you.

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