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You probably run into difficult people all of the time.  Here are some options when you have to deal with difficult people.

When you are in a situation dealing with difficult people, you’re not stuck, you do have options.  Knowing these four options will not only help you in these situations, but can also improve relationships.

There are four helpful options that you can choose to use when dealing with difficult people.

Your first option would be to not change a thing.   Stick with the status quo.  What you’re currently doing or saying could be good enough.   If you don’t have a pounding headache or an upset stomach everyday, maybe you are coping just fine.

The second option I would recommend would be to change your attitude.  Try to think more positively about that person. There must be something you can appreciate about them.  Be creative.

The third option is to change your communication behavior.  Make some adjustments on how you respond rather than react. Minor adjustments in communication can have a major impact on most relationships.

Your last option is you can leave.  It would be nice if the difficult person would leave.  The problem is, they most likely won’t. Your best option might be for you to leave. Who knows? You might discover that you didn’t like this job that much anyway. Wouldn’t it be great to go to another organization where people get along and will treat you better?

Knowing your options takes away a lot of the stress.  If you know your options and modify your behavior, people will be intrigued by you, rather than wanting to insult you.

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