To provide great customer service, we need to identify and improve our points of encounter. In this video, Kit discusses how we can improve our points of encounter. He lays out eight important points of encounter that will create and maintain a professional work environment.

Eight Points of Encounter:

  • When people become aware of what we do and hear of our organization either through our website, a referral, or maybe some marketing material we sent out
  • When people first contact us by phone – Are we professional? Are we friendly? What’s the image we are painting over the phone?
  • When people meet us in person – Do we meet their expectations? Do we look the part? Do we represent our organization’s image?
  • When people wait to be served – What do they hear? What do they smell? We must be very careful about creating a professional environment
  • When people are introduced to our products and services – How well scripted is that information? How professionally is it presented?
  • When actually get a chance to try our products and services – Did we provide them with enough information? Do they feel comfortable calling us if they have any questions?
  • Follow up with an email, phone call or mail so they know we haven’t forgotten them.
  • How do we solve problems? Do we have a system? We must be flexible and fair.

There is always room for improvement in our customer service. If we just become 2-3% more effective with each of these points of encounter we will truly provide world class customer service.

You can find more customer service strategies here. Check back next Monday for new video blog.