We ask ourselves: Do people still use the telephone? In fact they do. About 80% of business transactions require using the phone.

Watch Kit Welchlin’s video to hear some easy techniques to use while speaking over the phone with your customers. These techniques will improve your communication skills so that you can provide world class customer service.

Techniques to provide excellent customer service over the telephone:

  • Give the caller your name –  Use the Law of Symmetry: If the customer gives you their first and last name, you must give them your first and last name
  • Speak into the phone – Call and leave yourself a voicemail to ensure that the quality of your voice and the way you speak is what you would want your customer to hear
  • Keep your caller informed – If you put them on hold make sure you describe to them what sort of customer service activity your will be involved with while they are waiting for your return
  • Commit to the request of the caller – Offer them more methods of information: give them a website; drop something in the mail; give them a name of a competitor that can better serve their needs
  • Invite the caller to get to the point – Ask specific questions: How can I help you? What is it that you need?
  • Make sure your voice fluctuates in range, tone and volume – It should be like listening to beautiful music while being on the telephone
  • Always thank the caller – Thank them for calling. Thank them for complaining. Thank them for choosing your organization for their customer service or products
  • Be friendly and tactful

Technology these days grants us many different ways to interact that we have to remember that people do still use the telephone. We must make sure we bring our skills of communication through in our phone conversations with customers. Follow these techniques and you will be able to create longterm customer relationships.

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