Communication is key for building long lasting customer relationships. What does your customer service say about you? We either exceed the customer’s expectations or we don’t.

Bad customer service causes frustration and anger. In this video, Kit Welchlin offers techniques on how you can wow your customers:

  • Did you call back?
  • Did you show up?
  • Did you do what you said you were going to do?
  • Make sure you say “Thank You!”

You want wow your customers so that they will want to come back to you for all their future needs.

Providing great customer service doesn’t cost you anymore money. Why not try to wow your customers? If you use these simple techniques, you can build great customer relationships with world class customer service.

For more helpful tips on customer service take a look at Kit’s presentation here. And remember to check back next Monday for another one of Kit’s helpful video blogs on using good communication strategies to provide quality customer service.