Often the by-product of change is made up of power struggles, complaints, alliances, and dysfunctional behaviors.  When it comes to disagreements, arguments, and fights, how does a person figure out, “what’s a big deal?”

During times of change, systems are influx and communications are strained.  Often when people are under stress, everything takes on a symbolic hue.  What normally would not be that big of a deal, now creates conflict, and sometimes all out war.

I remember a mentor telling me many times, war does not necessarily determine who is right or who is wrong; just who’s left.  He often warned to be careful not to pay major attention to minor problems.  He called that “pole-vaulting over mouse turds.”  It is a good idea to assemble a personal and professional team of advisors, or mentors, to help keep things in perspective.

The key to making it through organizational and personal change in one piece is to reference out to others that have valuable life lessons to share.  You don’t have to re-invent the wheel. Talk with trusted others, gain their insight, and just keep rolling along.

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