You work hard, you try to manage time effectively, you focus and try to listen closely. It can be tiring. Sometimes it’s hard to stay motivated.

Let’s consider the behaviors of the self-motivated, so you can keep moving forward, even when the wind is in your face.

Self-motivated people respond constructively to failures, setbacks, problems, and disappointments. They break tasks and large projects into smaller, manageable steps.

Self-motivated people use time efficiently. They schedule starting times, set deadlines, goals, and quotas so they don’t procrastinate.

The self-motivated have a healthy self-esteem. They maintain themselves physically and emotionally. They assess their skills and abilities realistically. They never stop growing.

Self-motivated people demonstrate self-discipline and think positively about themselves and others. They use outside resources as role models and for inspiration. They develop and cultivate good habits.

The self-motivated are never without hope. They are willing to listen and learn. They are willing to try new things. They remember their success.

Some researchers report that 40% of our behavior is habit-driven. Self-discipline develops good habits that produce good results. To become a self-motivated person, list the habits you would like to exhibit and commit to following through. Being self-motivated isn’t easy, but it is better than living with regret.

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