You have probably listened to many motivational programs and motivational speakers over the years, yet you can lose your motivational mojo and feel flat somedays. I suggest you go back and really consider some of the philosophies concerning motivation.

Review Abraham Maslow’s five human needs: Physiological needs (needs for oxygen, water, food, physical health, and comfort), Safety needs (to be safe from danger, attack, or threat), Belongingness and love needs, (needs for positive and loving relationships with other people), needs for Esteem (needs to feel valued and to value oneself), and the needs for Self-Actualization (needs to develop to one’s fullest, to actualize one’s potential). So where are you at and what really is the level you aspire to?

Consider Frederick Herzberg’s extrinsic conditions: salary, job security, working conditions, status, organizational procedures, quality of technical supervision and quality of interpersonal relations among peers, supervisors, and with subordinates. Think about which of ones are most important to you. Consider intrinsic conditions: achievement, recognition, responsibility, advancement, the work itself, and the possibility of growth. Which ones resonate with you?

Finally, consider David McClelland’s theory of motivation that is closely associated with learned needs: Need for Achievement – Need for Affiliation – or Need for Power. Which ones drives you?

Most people just think these are concepts. I believe they are road maps. Road maps that lead us to our destinations personally and professionally. Create a motivating map for your life.

There are long lists of motivating factors. So, consider, really consider, what they mean to you, and which ones motivate you. If you understand what motivates you, it will also enable you to recognize and appreciate what motivates others.

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