You may sometimes feel like a pinball in a pinball machine; pushed over here, bumped over there, and then getting your bell rung. Sometimes you may wonder about the benefit of perseverance. You keep clawing back, fighting your way back to the top of your game, just to face changes and challenges, again.

Life isn’t always easy. Life is full of struggles. Change, in our personal and professional lives, doesn’t seem to be slowing down. There always seems to something causing us concern. Resiliency is critical.

The benefits to resiliency are many.
When faced with a challenge, resilience pushes us to gain the knowledge, to develop our skills, and hone our talents to overcome and grow.

With resilience we can face the struggles and rely on our strengths and succeed. Maybe things won’t turn out exactly the way we would like, but resilience will give us the ability to accept the outcome and move forward in a positive way.

Some experts claim, given the cycle of life, that we will face unexpected challenges or crises every 3-4 months. It seems to me that it would be a good idea to consider creating a guiding philosophy to drive our thoughts, assumptions, and actions and be better prepared for the challenges.

A philosophy or life script provides the benefit of endurance with direction and we won’t throw up our hands and give up. Instead we know where we are headed, we take personal responsibility, we make decisions with confidence, and we take things in stride. We will feel powerful rather than appear pathetic. Resiliency sounds pretty beneficial to me.

So create a philosophy for your life. Use that philosophy as the foundation for future opportunities and success. You’re not losing…you’re learning. This is not a breakdown…this is a break through. This is research and development. Become your own talent development department.

There are many benefits to developing resiliency. To enjoy the benefits of resiliency, consider this: Know where you’ve been, know who you are, and know where you are going. Then setbacks will turn into stepping-stones to success.