When in conflict situations with coworkers they can sometimes get irrational and emotional. Sometimes it seems like they aren’t listening to you and your great ideas. Do you ever feel like sometimes they aren’t telling me everything they know. Have you ever wondered whether a person can manage conflict?

You may not be able to manage every element when it comes to conflict, however, you can manage your own conduct during conflict. Engage only in those behaviors that are both good for the relationship and good for the outcome, whether or not other people respond in kind.

Be rational, even if other people are acting emotionally, balance emotion with reason. Communicate understanding, even if other people deliberately misunderstand us, try to understand them.

Listen to the other person, even if they are not listening to you, consult with them before deciding on matters that will affect them.

Be reliable, even if other people are trying to deceive us, neither trust nor deceive them. Be reliable.

Rely on your persuasive skills. Even if other people are trying to coerce us, neither yield to that coercion nor try to coerce them; be open to persuasion and try to persuade them.

Communicate acceptance of their point of view. Even if other people disregard our concerns as unworthy of their consideration, try to understand their perspective and be open to learning from them.

Sometimes conflict is simply a misunderstanding. Often we find that when we listen well, we can find common ground and create win-win solutions to our disagreements. Keep your composure and the people you work with will like solving problems and resolving conflicts with you.

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