Do you find yourself, given your important position in the organization, constantly negotiating contracts and conflicts. Ever wonder if your an effective negotiator?

Effective negotiators know there are three phases to negotiation:

  • Pre-play – gathering information
  • Inter-play – face-to-face discussions
  • Post-play – options if no agreement

Let’s take a look at some of the principles of effective negotiation behaviors.

  • Effective negotiators work to satisfy the interests of all involved.
  • Effective negotiators believe that getting more information before and during the negotiation process, increases the chances for finding creative solutions.
  • Continued conversations are necessary to search for an optimal solution.
  • An effective negotiator encourages discussions to clarify the other person’s thought and not just their own.
  • And during the discussions, effective negotiators, listen to the other party, acknowledge their points and their feelings, agree where they can, and show them respect.

Conflict is the natural by-product of open and honest communication.
It shouldn’t be something we fear.

Negotiation can be fun. It is certainly interesting. Make sure you do your homework in advance, be attentive during negotiations and take good notes, and be prepared to accept an alternative to your maximum plausible position. Take these steps and you will feel satisfied with your performance.

For more on Negotiation and Conflict watch this presentation. Check back next Monday for a new video blog.