When it comes to leadership style; it does depend on the situation.  We often need to make minor adjustments in our leadership style depending on the person we are mentoring or guiding.

Your individual staff members are either competent, or not.  They are either confident, or not.  Visit www.welchlin.com to read the entire newsletter.

So, you will need to modify your leadership style to fit the situation.

If your staff member is competent and confident, you simply need to delegate to them.  Be careful not to over-delegate to them and burn them out.

If your staff member is competent, but lacks confidence, then you need to focus on the relationship and provide emotional support by telling them you believe in them.

If your staff member lacks competence, but has confidence, tackle them before they leave your office.  They are all excited; they just don’t know what they are doing.  Focus on training and provide a full explanation of the task.

If your staff member lacks competence and lacks confidence, you will need to focus on both training and social support to get them on track.

The key to effective leadership is to pay attention to each individual staff member you lead and understand what kind of issues they are facing.  Then simple focus on the task, or the relationship, or both.

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