You have the title, you have an office, and you even have your name on the door.  You have the position, but do you have power?

You possess positional power, however, there are three more power bases to develop:  reward power, expert power, and referent power.  Visit to read the entire newsletter.

Consider Reward Power.  You can influence others by granting desirable consequences for great performance, praising someone you respect, and spending time with team members and coworkers.

Then there is Expert Power.  You can influence by what people believe you know, subtle mention of your past experience, and sharing your knowledge freely to help the team reach its goals and objectives.

Finally, there is Referent Power, which comes from the respect, liking, and trust others have for you.  Team members believe in you, because you listen to their ideas, honor their contributions, and take a win/win approach to problem solving and decision making.

So, you see, leadership is not just positional, it’s personal.

When you get the title, also consider what you can do to develop the other three power bases.  Keep in mind, leadership is not just positional power, it’s also personal power.

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