Over the years, many of your managers have probably told you that you have leadership potential.

There are four essential skills you need to develop your leadership potential:  conceptual skills, human skills, technical skills, and political skills.  Visit www.welchlin.com to read the entire newsletter.

Conceptual Skills:  The imagination to see what could be, rather than just what is.  It is the mental ability to coordinate all of the organization’s interests and activities.

Human Skills:  The interpersonal communication skills to establish and maintain trust and resolve conflict.  It is the ability to work with, understand, and motivate other people, both individually and in groups.

Technical Skills:  The understanding of your organization and the products and the services it delivers.  It is the ability to use tools, procedures, and techniques of a specialized field.  It’s knowing how things work around your organization.

Political Skills:  The ability to enhance one’s position, build a power base, and establish the right connections.  Politics relates to who gets what, when, and how.

If your managers are telling you have leadership potential, please review the list and get to work on what needs to be improved.

If you focus on and develop these four skills of leadership, you won’t just appear to have leadership potential, you will acquire leadership positions.

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