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You are probably pretty important to your coworkers and team members.  People probably try to reach you at all times.  However, when you are really busy, or distracted, people may think you are not listening. You might be thinking, “How can I not be listening? I’m sitting right here.”

Be aware, when you don’t show others that you’re listening to them, they may feel that they’re not important.  As a keynote speaker on leadership, I ask my audiences, “When was the last time you were complimented on your listening skills?”

Many researchers claim that listening is the number one most admired quality of a coworker. But you’ve got to look like your listening.

I learned from Dr. Alan Zimmerman in a seminar entitled, “Gaining Cooperation” that there are six main nonverbal cues that signal coworkers that you are, in fact, listening intently.

Here is a great acrostic that helps you be an active listener:  STABLE

  • Squarely face the other person.
  • Tip your head occasionally when following along.
  • Attentive facial expressions.
  • Barrier-free environment that creates comfort.
  • Lean forward slightly to show your enthusiasm.
  • Eye contact that demonstrates interest.

Make sure that the duration eye contact is normal, two to three seconds, then somebody needs to blink.  It’s not a staring contest.  You can blink, only extraterrestrials don’t blink.

Listening is free. Not listening can be expensive.  As a corporate keynote speaker, I suggest that a minor adjustment in your listening behavior can have a major impact on your relationships.  If you get into this effective listening posture, not only will people believe you’re listening, but you will actually improve your listening comprehension.

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