Strategic planning can take quite a bit of time, but I think it is worth it.  There are many benefits to strategic planning.

For one, you will be more proactive instead of reactive.

A strategic plan helps you identify true opportunities, instead of distractions and false starts.  It helps us identify which products, services, and activities are winners and which are losers.

A strategic plan eliminates wasted time and money.  This allows you to spend more time on high impact, high-growth activities.  So it will certainly help you achieve your vision for success.  Success will increase member commitment.

Because you are effectively utilizing resources, agility is possible.  Not only that, strategic planning makes everyone aware that they are part of something bigger than themselves and they can anticipate and recognize that they are making a difference in their industry, and in their personal and professional lives.

Another benefit is that strategic planning helps plug the brain drain, so knowledge is passed on to the next generations.

Here is the bottom line:  Vision brings things into focus.  Strategy explains the value you deliver.  Goals and objectives empower members.  Execution and evaluation ensures success.

Through strategic planning, you will know what to do and why.  That’s a huge benefit to the organization and the team.

There are many benefits to strategic planning.  It provides guidelines for action, provides a scorecard for accomplishment, and it creates cohesiveness on your teams.  You have the job, you’re getting paid, so plan and create the future while you are at it.