Why Don’t Millennials Ever Call Me Back?

Have you noticed that when you call the younger generation on the phone that they rarely ever call you back? Some of your younger co-workers might even say to you, “I don’t do phones.” There really is a difference in how the generations connect when it comes to communication.

Some differences in how each generation prefer to connect:

  • Traditionals would like a handwritten note or even meet for breakfast or lunch
  • Baby Boomers a quick phone would work or meet in their office
  • Generation Xers prefer a quick email with an attachment. But be simple and just include bullet points
  • Millennials (the youngest generation) – the best way to connect with them is to send a text message. Or heck, you may want to take a picture and send an Instagram

So, when your younger co-workers ask you to send them a text message, make sure you have their number! If you want your co-workers to respond to your requests, you have to follow the Platinum Rule: Do unto others as they would like to be done unto. Reach them through the channel of communication that they choose.

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